• Measure your websites’ performance

    Measure your websites’ performance

    Strat-EG analyses the performance of any websites in your portfolio, verifying 180 different points related to Communication, Marketing, IT and Legal (IP) issues.
    It allows you to measure the achievement of your goals and allocate your resources by topic more effectively.

  • Compare your websites' performance

    Compare your websites' performance

    Strat-EG allows you to compare your performance against your competitors so that you can benchmark your goals, update your digital strategy and your priorities and optimize your budget by making the right trade-offs.

  • Drive and control your device

    Drive and control your device

    Strat-EG provides a comprehensive toolbox that deals with a large range of issues such as knowledge, e-reputation, testing, passwords ...
    All these tools allow you to manage your website portfolio and the resources allocated to it within your organization.

Pilot Measure and compare Control

A real breakthrough

Track, manage and analyse your websites in real time

Your websites

Feel free to add all the websites you wish to track: Brand websites, subsidiaries, regions...

Competitors websites

Choose the websites that will be used to compare your performance and those that will allow you to track the performance of your competitors.

Respond to this self-diagnosis

1 | Do you manage a multitude of websites (local, global, franchise) like: corporate / brand / e-business /RH / events?

2 | Are you notified in real time when one of your sites goes offline?

3 | Do you know when one of your websites loses its position in Google results?

4 | Are you keeping documentation of developed functionalities of your websites that make up your portfolio?

5 | Are you testing your websites security after every functionality implemented?

6 | Are you notified when your competitors register domain names, especially when it comes to your own brands?


Control and preventive maintenance of a device and the tranquility lets focus on conversion.

Companies need clearly defined roles and responsibilities, (...) in order to effectively conduct the digital user experience

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